Data Capture / Loyalty

A data capture strategy sets out how you collect and manage information about your customers, clients and prospects. A good data capture strategy will deliver high quality customer data, allowing you to better understand your customers and enhance your relationship with them.

Qudli will identify what information you require to allow you to meet your objectives and if need be look to introduce a system like OFOS - Qudli’s ‘Online Food Ordering Service’, or an online shopping basket; this would organically allow you to start collecting data on your customers so that personalised email campaigns could be implemented and/or introduce loyalty schemes to encourage repeat and loyal customers.

The benefits of using a loyalty program to obtain customer information are:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase the spending of existing customers
  • Retention - Improve the natural churn rate of customers
  • Shift spending to higher margin products
  • Speak to Qudli today - making your marketing count by data capture or loyalty schemes ensures a more cost effective approach for the future.

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